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Abbey CE Academy

Abbey CE Academy offers a high quality primary education to children aged 7-11 years with two classes in each year group.

Together, anything is possible
"Everything is possible for one who believes"

Mark 9:23


Our aim is to create an academically strong and interesting curriculum with our vision. "Together, anything is possible" at the heart of what we do.

The National Curriculum guides the teachers in the content of the children’s learning and are at the heart of the teaching programme.

More information for parents about our approach to maths, reading and writing can be found on our class pages.

At Abbey Church of England Academy, we follow The Diocese of Peterborough Syllabus for Religious Education. This syllabus incorporates Understanding Christianity: Text, Impact and Connections. This syllabus offers a well-rounded education of world views.

Underpinning our thinking has been to provide an environment that helps pupils to develop skills and acquire knowledge and understanding in a wide and well balanced variety of curricular areas. We help pupils to be physically and emotionally healthy and above all, develop the ability to think!

At Abbey Church of England Academy we learn in a positive atmosphere of nurture and support and it is essential to us that your children have fun whilst learning.

If you would like further information about the curriculum followed at The Abbey CE Academy please contact us.

Learning Journeys

Children’s learning is often based around a theme and may include several curriculum areas.

This makes the study more interesting for children. A wide variety of skills can be employed to explore a chosen theme and provides opportunities for development across different curriculum areas.

While thematic topics vary from term to term the core skills of Literacy, Numeracy and Phonics, in all year groups, are taught consistently throughout the year.

Our students can not only develop their potential but thoroughly enjoy the process of learning as well. As parents you should have expectations of the levels your child can reach. We have put these into the Parent Information section.


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Art & DT








The children receive a full-time supervised education which gives them the experience in linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical, and aesthetic and creative education.

The subject matter is appropriate for the ages and aptitudes of the children, including those children with learning difficulties or whose principal language is not English.

If you wish to discuss The Abbey's curriculum in more detail or have any queries concerning your child’s education, please contact the school office. We operate an 'Open Door' policy and are quite happy to discuss issues at any time.

David Ross Education Trust and British Values

The Trust is very supportive of the ethos of promoting British Values, and preparing our pupils for success in a modern Britain.

A heavy reliance is placed upon broadening horizons for each and every child and this includes developing the core skills of tolerance, respect, teamwork, resilience and building self-esteem. These are all values and qualities that we feel are relevant in order to play a full and meaningful role in society, and are promoted via our extensive house system that lends itself to cultural and sporting competition, democratic principles, social mixing, the development of greater pastoral care and enhanced PSHE.

Click here to find out more about British Values at our academy


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