Abbey Pupil's Opinions: DRET Summer Cup 2017


There were a variety of different sports that we took part in and there was also a relay race which some of the year 5s took part in. There was also a teacher relay race and we came 3rd. Mr. Northedge got a good start coming 2nd in the first half and then one of the PE teachers from Falconer's Hill came 4th in the final stretch - Ryan



The hockey tournament was very fun as most of us took part and there were plenty of matches played. Abbey A team won all but two of the games. The day was so much fun and the sun was shining all day - Gem.



At the DRET summer cup in athletics we did lots of different sporting activities. we had to jump over obstacles and run around different obstacles it was a fun day . there were 19 different schools in the athletics abbey came 18th out of the schools -  Cully.



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